Shop Front Respray

NW Window Repairs are experts in Shop Front Respray solutions, and Aluminium Coating.
With several years experience, we provide you with an on-site painting solution for your shop fronts. UPVC painting and Aluminium Coating is a cost-effective alternative to having to replace your existing shop fronts.
NW Window Repairs can provide you with a new colours following any rebranding you have, or simply freshen up your existing colour.
Working closely with all shop owners and managers, NW Window Repairs will work out of hours to help keep any disruption minimal. We understand your needs to keep trading during any refurbishment work.

What Do Our Services Include

  • Door Springs and Pivot Repair and Replacement
  • Shop Front Glazing and Gaskets
  • New Iron Mongrey
  • Respray All Types of Material
    • Wood
    • Aluminium
    • Stainless Steel
    • Previous Powder Coated Substrates
  • Respray of Shutters and Rollers

All our work can be carried out on both the interior and exterior of your commercial property, working out of hours to suit your needs.

Before Shop Front Respray


A Professional Image For Your Shop Front

Our shop front respray solution can help increase your footfall, leading you to more sales and giving you a professional look and feel to your shop.

NW Window Repairs work closely with new businesses to help you get the right look for your company.

We deal with a wide range of different industries and businesses, and will always give you a more cost effective solution to your tight budgets.

We help to prepare your property for re-marketing, and can cater for any type of shop front spraying.

Whatever your current coating on the shop front is, NW Window Repairs can cater for it.

Newly installed, or existing – we can sort your shop front out for you.

After Shop Front Respray

upvc painting

Please visit our UPVC Painting page to find out more information on our colour changing work.



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