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Repairs Before Replacement

As an Independent Business, NW Window Repairs try and operate in a different approach to the rest of the window and door industry. Where a lot of our competitors will simply sell you a brand new window or door, we won't. Our ultimate aim is to give our clients the best value for money by repairing rather than replacing. This saves not only time, but also money. We can transform your existing windows and doors, and upgrade them to be energy efficient, and with a higher locking security.


Who Is Neil White?

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In His Own Words

I started working with my grandfather many years ago repairing pre-war cast iron windows, and also trained on the steel crittell types. When my father eventually took over the business, he became the first generation to be fitting UPVC windows in the 1980s. I am now the third generation in my family to be in the window and door industry. I am taking a different approach to the rest of the double glazing industry however. While I still love working on the old steel type windows and will always hold this very close to my heart, I also wanted to offer something a little different to my UPVC and Aluminium customers . Seeing a lot of UPVC being replaced with the same material, I believed that with my knowledge of all the different window and door profiles on offer will allow me to give my customers a completely different service. By transforming and renewing the original at a much cheaper cost than replacement, I started to build a valuable reputation with both Domestic and Commercial clients.

Our Window and Door Technicians


Knowledge Is Valuable

Neil works very closely with his team members, passing on all his knowledge to them. In turn, they have quickly learned what parts will work with different profiles. We have become a very close small team working together. When Neil will be working on finding a part for a job, the team has now been able to find and source parts for another project using Neils’ contacts and their own understanding of different profiles. Although Neil is still dealing with the aluminium steel sections, our team has become very good with the UPVC section. This is where our members expertise is becoming very valuable. We have found this in turn has been speeding up our process of turning jobs around much quicker, and we are more than able to keep up with the demands we face on a daily basis, whilst still giving our customers the best service possible.
Neil has explained on many occasions that his job is 85% knowledge and understanding of different parts and mechanisms, and 15% knowing how to fit the parts, and if these parts will work with the hundreds of different window profiles on the market today.


We Are Here To Help


A Company Moving Forward

At NW Window Repairs, we found that a lot of our customers were asking for work in London, even though we were only advertising for Bedfordshire and Luton when we started trading. We noticed that our customers from London were having trouble finding people that could deal with the kind of issues they had, and the problem they were having with their window and doors. We were being contacted from outside our advertising area on many occasions, so decided to approach the market in London by opening up a 2nd address in Palmers Green for our future customers could find us locally.
From speaking with them, we found that a lot these customers where being told that that the final solution would be a replacement window or door. We have been told on many occasions, that to find a window and door specialist who has actually been able to do what they advertise by repairing is very few and far between.
You will notice from our advertising that we are not a repair company who offers new installations. Our company is a repair and refurbishment company, and there have been many times where we have tried tracking down parts and found it’s no longer available and has become obsolete. We will go again from the beginning and find new mechanisms which will work with the profile you have, and at times found this can be a much quicker process. We are always here for our customers, and will go above and beyond to accommodate their needs for the best value. We continue to grow, and look forward to many years of helping save your original windows and doors.

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