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NW Window Repairs is an established business offering a wide range of professional services throughout the local Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and London area. Owner Neil White has over 15 years of previous window repair experience, and a family that’s been trading in the same market for 40 years. Neil already enjoys a strong reputation amongst his domestic customers, and has recently expanded his commercial services for local business clients. 

Neil firmly believes that size is no guarantee of strength, and his expertise is perfectly suited to projects of any size. NW Window Repairs trades in a professional manner and specialises in the delivery of a friendly, reliable service built around traditional core business values. Neil provides all services promptly and courteously.

Neil White places a strong emphasis on window repairs and refurbishment as an alternative to window replacement.


At NW Window Repairs, we supply a variety of services to suit your needs. From a quick handle replacement, to a heat loss glazing solution for your domestic or commercial property, we cover it all. We stand out from the completion by offering a complete refurbishment option, which includes a colour change to your existing windows and doors on any material including UPVC and hard plastics, where we offer a full 10 Year Warranty against peeling, cracking and fading.

Locks : Handles : Hinges

Do you have a lock on your window or door which doesn’t work correctly? Do you have a handle that just doesn’t operate in the right way? Or do the hinges on your windows and doors keep sticking? NW Window Repairs can help make them right. We understand that a lot of people want to sort these problems out themselves, and so we are happy to supply you with the information on how to do this, as NW Window Repairs understands that the majority of D.I.Y’ers may not have the expert knowledge, but are fully capable of correcting these problems themselves. The reason we are not afraid to offer this information, is because we truly believe in saving our customers money and will always go above and beyond your expectations, in the knowledge that you will remember us for any future improvements you may require. This information can be found in our blog posts, but if you require further help, please give us a call. We are always happy to help.
Prices for repairs on locks, handles and hinges start around £80 including labor.

Window Repairs : Door Repairs

The main focus of NW Window Repairs is our specialty in being able to repair your windows and doors, rather than replacing. Not only will you save money, but you will also receive a 10 Year Warranty on our works. If you have a broken window or door frame, NW Window Repairs are able to fix them for you at a fraction of the cost compared to a replacement frame.
Prices vary depending on window or door sizes.

We cover all types of windows and doors, from single glazed and double glazed including steel crittall, to your normal UPVC casement, including the speciality types that many other company will not entertain looking at. This also includes tilt and turns, and window gearing working on chain openers.  We also do many other types like sliding vertically and horizontally that need new rollers or wheels, or spring balances.

NW Window Repairs understand how quickly window and doors parts can become obsolete, so we specialise in finding the new replacement part which fits your window or door profile, making sure repair is always the first option. We will not replace if there is not a need to.

For more information on the services we provide, please take a look at our services page:

UPVC Painting : Aluminium Coating

Do you want a unique look to your windows and doors? Or do you want to freshen up your existing colour? At NW Window Repairs, we can change or refresh the look of your windows and doors on site using a large variety of colours.
Prices vary depending on colour choice and size of area to be coloured.

Find out more about UPVC Painting here:

With our knowledge on window repairs and door repairs, NW Window Repairs provides a service to Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and North London which focuses on saving old frames from being sent to a landfill – just because they are broken, tired looking, or have parts which do not operate in the correct way. By choosing NW Window Repairs, you will get a warranty on all our works, a service which goes above and beyond, and a company who is aware of the need to reduce the amount of waste we have.

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Trevor Lappage

After having my conservatory looked at by 2 other companies I was expecting to replace it with a huge expense. After Neil came and looked at it he worked his magic and I now have a bespoke looking conservatory that would have been well out of budget. Tired conservatory no more brilliant will recommend when it arises Thanks Neil.